We invest.

We build.

We generate.

Uniting through energy

Dedicated to the energy transition

Our goal: a future where clean and local energy is the norm. We are achieving this by electrifying our uses of energy, by using existing infrastructure and technologies smartly, and by rationalising our energy consumption.

Our approach: we are an independent energy producer. We own and operate a portfolio of facilities that generate decarbonised, resilient and local energy that we sell to our clients. We also optimise our clients’ consumption through, in particular, thermal renovation.

By building long-lasting relationships with our clients, we promote a shared responsibility and an alignment of interests in the pursuit of this vision.

Let’s shape this future now.

Qanta Energy - Independent Swiss energy producer - Computer graphics showing a water mill, photovoltaic panels, a wind turbine and an electric car.

Our commitment is reflected in our achievements

By 2030, we aim at producing over 1 TWh of clean energy annually which will be generated and consumed locally. Our track record in the sector is already well-established:


Projects qualified or in-development in Switzerland

100+ GWh

Renewable energy produced annually by our completed projects


Households that could be supplied with electricity by our existing projects

1 Mt CO2

Emissions avoided over the lifetime of our completed projects

You can benefit from our solutions

At Qanta Energy, we promote the creation of a shared value with our customers, for a swift energy transition. We offer innovative technical solutions that we fully finance.

Qanta Energy - Building owners or businesses.

Building and business owners

We offer solutions that help you reduce and control your energy bills, minimise your carbon footprint and comply with current energy efficiency regulations.

Qanta Energy - Local authorities and industrial services

Towns and municipal utilities

We assist with the implementation of your climate agenda and provide your citizens with bespoke sustainable energy solutions. You develop your infrastructure, comply with environmental regulation, and place your community at the centre of your environmental commitment.

Qanta Energy - Property management

Property managers

We provide optimised solutions, enabling you to meet your clients’ expectations. We define the best solutions for your clients to make responsible and innovative energy choices, while maximising the value of their real estate portfolio.

Qanta Energy - Financial institutions

Financial institutions

As a specialist in the sector, we assist you with delivering your investment strategy, offer solutions that combine financial returns, risk mitigation and SFDR Article 9 eligibility, while enhancing your image as a responsible and committed institution.

Benefits of our no-investment solutions

Our solutions provide energy security of supply and cut dependence on international gas, fuel or electricity markets. You benefit from a reliable, redundant, and resilient energy supply – giving you peace of mind about your future energy needs.

Our solutions add value to your property. With lower energy costs and improved environmental quality, your property is easier to rent, sell or finance. What’s more, the reduced environmental footprint of your property significantly improves the quality of life of its occupants or users – and therefore increases the attractiveness of your property.

Our solutions reduce your energy bills. We calculate your energy costs transparently over the short, medium and long term, so you can anticipate your costs more accurately and with peace of mind.

By choosing our solutions, you are choosing to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your property or site. With us, every kilowatt-hour generated is part of an approach that respects and preserves our planet.

Our no-investment solutions let you deploy capital into your most immediate priorities. While benefiting from reliable and decarbonised energy, you keep full financial flexibility over your capital allocation.

Scope of expertise

Our experts have completed more than 50 renewable energy and building renovation projects.